PPF partners with professional sports teams through a variety of initiatives to help make sure every child has the ability to succeed and the opportunity for a bright future. Current PPF programs and projects include:


Instant RePlay:  An Extreme Makeover” of community sports facilities. These projects give children a place to play and grow and give the community a center of hope in which they can take pride.


Character Camps:  Heroes and coaches from professional sports teams give underprivileged youth the opportunity to learn the importance of character, purpose and responsibility while simultaneously developing athletic skills.


Play It Forward:  This program collects and rejuvenates sporting equipment to be donated to kids in need, ensuring every child in North Texas has the chance to “get in the game.”


PPFeed the Need:  Provides hope through food for those in need. The group focuses on disadvantaged and at-risk children, whether in a battered women’s shelter, a low income community, or a children’s hospital.


Gameplan:  A program designed to positively impact disadvantaged populations by providing access to technology and educational programs which would otherwise be unattainable.

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